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Well.... having a high score gallery, in a way is a bit of a dodgey thing, because its sort of bragging and in this world no matter how good you are at something, there is always somebody who is better at it !
So, as i'm not some amazing arcade game playing wizard, this gallery is just a place to list my personal bests.

Each entry shows a picture of the screen after i finished playing it, to show the scores are real and i'll also add a small write up on each game itself.



   Everyone has a favourite game of all time and THIS IS MINE !! This is Pleiades by Tehkan. It is the sister / sequel game to Phoenix. In my opinion this game is far better than Phoenix as it has a lot more game play. I got addicted to this game when i was a teenager. It was in a games room on a Caravan site in south Wales where my parents owned a static caravan. I played this more than the Asteroids and Space Invaders that were also in the games room, this probably had something to do with the fact that i could spin 2p coins in the 10p slot and get 5 goes for me 10p instead of the 1. Sadly this did'nt work on the Asteroids or the Space Invaders, hence the addiction to this game.This game was quite rare in the uk , as it was'nt widely distributed. Needless to say the game i played in Wales was the only Pleiades i saw in any Arcade i had been in.

Rating 7/10


Juno First

This game to me, was designed by someone who must of played and loved Defender, as it has so many things in common with it, though this game does play vertically and not horizontally.
This game has all the intensity and gameplay that Defender has ! Even some of the sounds seem identical, but to its credit, it is a unique game in itself. The screen gives you the effect of a moving grid panning out from the horizon, with the invaders showing as blobs in a radar at the top of the screen before they enter the grid. You can move up and down as well as left and right and you have hyper space as well as fire. Once you reach a certain point in each level a globe appears on the screen and if you shoot it and pick up the humanoid it leaves behind, the screen changes colour the invaders stop shooting and all the invaders are then worth bonus points that multiply, again as with Defender, invaders will form in front of you and when you get to level 4 they start to shoot red stars that chase you, from this point the game really comes to life !!

Rating 10/10



This game is probably one of the best shmup pcb's that i own. The gameplay is fast,fun and addictive. The stereo sound gives it that extra dimension, so much so that i fitted an extra speaker to my vertical jamma cab, just for this game. After Pleiads this is definately No 2 in my Top 10 Favourite's list. If you are a shmup fan, this is a must to own You move in an arc around the screen firing into a black hole, the game is a sort of a mix between Tempest and Galaga and each level is a warp to a planet. Your mission is to get back to Earth via all of the other planets, each planet taking 3 warps to complete. So far i have managed to get 1 warp from Earth.

Rating 8/10



This game is a Vector one and is in black and white only, and cannot be played on a Raster screened cab. Anyone who spent any time in Arcades in the 1980's will remember this game.You control a craft / spaceship that is surrounded by Asteroids that are flying around the screen, your controls are lerft / right, thrust, fire and hyperspace. Every so often you get U.F.O's that fly on the screen, which if shot give bonus points. It has great gameplay even though the game is quite basic really, and is now one of the all time classics, i always found the shape of the cab and cabinet arwork very appealing, but the thing that lingers in my mind most about this game is the sounds.

Rating 7/10



This game is classed by alot of gamers as the ultimate shmup of all time, as the gameplay is fantastic. The game is hard but enjoyable, which keeps you coming back for more, it gets you in that sweaty palms / panic stricken zone where you feel like you are playing for your life. The invaders in this game dont just invade they chase you, one of them is called a "Baiter" and it hunts you down and you cannot out run it ! ...So you have no choice but to turn and fight. This game has it all, landers that form in front of you, humanoids you have to defend or rescue, pods that when shot turn into swarmers, mutants, the list goes on. For a game that came out in 1980, Williams really did excel with this one, amazing with it being there first attempt at a Video game
(as they were Pinball manufacturers)

Rating 10/10


Robotron 2084

This game is one of the All Time Classics and went on to confirm what great game manufacturers Williams were. The gameplay is intense but soo addictive. You have two 8 joysticks, one for moving around the game and the other for shotting in all directions. You have to try and save members of a family from Robots that have taken over the Earth.

Rating 10/10


Black Widow

Think of Robotron but with colour Vector graphics and a Spider & bugs instead of a Professor & Robots and you have Black Widow !
Same intense gameplay and same controls, left joystick walk in all directions, right joystick shoot in all directions.
Great sounds, Great graphics, Great gameplay !!

Rating 9/10




For an early game, it has quite amazing screen backgrounds, they give the impression of flying over 3D terrain.Your ship has up down left and right, but flys in a way that makes you feal like you are climbing, descending etc.. In this game you have two weapon systems: one slow double-shot cannon and one fast single-shot cannon. With each enemy hit by the slow cannon you get one shot added to the fast cannon ammunition supply. After each stage there is a challenge stage where you can also build your fast-shot supply. The gameplay is quite hard, untill you get used to the controls and then it gets good !

Rating 6/10



This game is made by Tehkan, the company who were responsible for Bomb Jack which was a kind of platform game, this however is a true Shmup. Flying through space you get various floating platforms with bases to shoot and a whole plethora of different flying invaders all with different shapes and styles of flying which ultimately take different ways of killing. Collecting letters that appear on the platforms gives you bonus's the best of which is a module that appears that once picked up gives extra firepower. Again very addictive gameplay that can really get you into the zone.
* Check out the score i only beat Malcy by 500 points ! *

Rating 7.5/10


Crystal Castles

If i haven't said it already i'm a Shmup fanatic and have never been struck on platform games, but there is always the exception to the rule and Atari's Crystal Castles is my exception. It was memerable not only for its gameplay, but for its really colourfull cabinet and last but not least its alluminated red trackball !!
This game pulled me away from my Space smhup roots and i played it with a real passion, the game had real longtitude, with each level being a different shaped castle, even when you got on in the game and they started to repeat the castle shapes, they changed the colours and added extra enemys. The game has some really cool sounds, but the thing that kept the true gamers at this machine, was the "screen jumps" they were put in the game for testing the game play for bugs when it was being designed, but they left them in when it was released to be used as part of the game play. This meant that when you lost all your lives and finally died, you could use the secret jumps to almost get you back to where you last were, when you died.

Rating 8/10



Rating 5/10


Rating 6/10


Rating 7/10


Star Wars



Rating 9/10



Bomb Jack



Rating 7/10